Talwar prepare to walkout of Dasna jail, He will be released within half hour
Allahabad: The Allahabad High Court has overturned a CBI court verdict in the sensational Aarushi Talwar murder case, acquitting her dentist parents Rajesh and Nupur Talwar of the charges of murdering their daughter and domestic help Hemraj. The High Court says the CBI had failed to prove “guilt beyond reasonable doubt”.

Talwar will be released as soon as the court communicates the verdict to them. "Once a certified copy of the Aarushi Murder case verdict arrives, within half-an-hour Talwars will be released," Jail Superintendent said. HC Judge said that Talwar to be released within half hour. Talwar not a criminal papers evidence are false, CBI prove that Talwar not a prohibited, parents walks out freely

The Allahabad High Court on Thursday acquitted Rajesh and Nupur Talwar in the murder of their daughter Aarushi and their domestic help Hemraj in 2008, saying they could not be held guilty on the basis of the evidence on record. The verdict ends a nine-year ordeal of the parents who were found guilty by a CBI court of murdering 14-year-old Aarushi.