Protests In Allahabad Over Law Student's Murder, Riot Police Called In
ALLAHABAD: Students shouted slogans on the streets of Uttar Pradesh's Allahabad, hurled stones and set fire to a bus in protests today over the killing of a 26-year-old law student at a restaurant by a group of men on Friday.

The riot police had to be called in to control a large group of students of the Allahabad University, who targeted cars and buses.

Dilip Saroj was beaten to death with a hockey stick, an iron rod and bricks after a fight that started when main accused Vijay Shankar Singh accidentally brushed against him while entering a restaurant. The murder was caught on mobile phone camera by a passerby.

Dilip Saroj fell unconscious and died in hospital on Saturday morning. A waiter at Kalika restaurant has been arrested. The police say the waiter, Munna Chauhan, is the one who hit Dilip on his head with an iron rod, leading to his death. The same waiter is on camera picking up the unconscious Dilip to take him to hospital.

In the mobile phone clip that records the last few moments of Dilip's life, he is lying on the steps of the restaurant. The man filming the attack and another witness are heard saying in the video, "The police will show up only after he is dead."

Two policemen have been suspended for not taking action though their patrol car was just about 100 metres from the restaurant. The restaurant's manager had reportedly dialed the helpline 100, which should have brought the patrol car immediately to the spot.

The police, inexplicably, are yet to contact the main who shot the video. The mobile phone has been traced to Varanasi.
Vijay Shankar Singh, who reportedly works with the Indian Railways, is missing.

According to the police, the argument that ended in murder started when Dilip and his friends were sitting on the stairs outside the restaurant, waiting for their order. Vijay Shankar Singh and his friends were going inside when he bumped against Dilip. The two groups were soon shouting at each other.

Later, Vijay Shankar Singh was having dinner when Dilip and his friends went back into the restaurant to confront him. A huge brawl erupted, which continued outside the restaurant.

"At this time Munna Chauhan, the waiter, hit Dilip with an iron rod and he fell unconscious... We have interviewed Munna Chauhan. He has told us he was carrying vegetables and got caught in the scuffle. He says he was also hit and he became so angry he hit Dilip with an iron rod," said senior police officer Akash Kulhary.