Selective nationalism and anti-terrorism is dangerous
        It is shocking news to everybody that BJP has given ticket to terror accused by name Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur. BJP fielded her against former CM Digvijay Singh in Bhopal parliamentary seat. To the known record, it is first time a national party gave party ticket to a terror accused person who is on bail now. May be party bosses gets satisfaction to teach Digvijay Singh a lesson for his coining 'Saffron terror' by finding a 'suitable candidate' against him but politics reached its lowest ebb with this decision. Now , BJP lost its moral right to claim that terror does not have religion. Modi should answer the civil society and the world how he is different from others in fighting terrorism. On one side accusing Congress as if it is soft towards Islamic extremist elements and on other side, he made a space in party to Hindu extremist elements. It is blunder for which Modi will repent if not today but tomorrow. As on today, our country is on high esteem vis-a-vis Pakistan in dealing with terrorism. Now, what moral ground we have when terror accused person was given party ticket. It makes no difference between Congress and BJP. One is soft with Islam extremism, another with Hindu extremism. All these days, people hoped that such tendencies are exhibited by fringe elements only within BJP but Modi and other national leaders are against such utterances. Lakhs of people in the country supported Modi for his promise of 'VIKAS', nationalism and for his pursuance of 'free from identity politics' but with this act of party ticket to terror accused, Modi and other top leaders gave scope to blame entire party following hard Hindutva approach.

          Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur was qualified in post graduation in History. She was active in ABVP and later in Durga Vahini, women's wing of Vishva Hindu Parishath. During the years 2005 and 2006, she was actively associated with radical Hindu groups who wanted to take revenge against 'Jihadi' groups and it is understood that they developed anti-sentiment against Islamic people. In this background, it was alleged that she participated in several group meetings drawing strategies to implement certain terror acts against Muslim community. She was accused in 2008 Malegaon bomb blast case in which six people died and hundred people got injured. She was also accused in 2007 Ajmer Dargah blast case where in two people died and seventeen injured. The Malegaon case was investigated by Maharashtra anti-terrorism squad and Ajmer blast case was by Rajasthan anti-terrorism squad. In the year 2011, centre  handed over Malegaon case, Mecca masjid case and Ajmer blast case to NIA. Maharashtra ATS was headed by famous Hemanth Karkare who fought and died heroically later in 26/11 Mumbai terrorists attack. Investigation was concluded in both the cases only after NDA came into power. In Ajmer blast case, two people were convicted by Court. Sadhvi Pragya was discharged with a clean chit. In Malegaon case, she was given bail but case was registered and charges were framed by NIA court against her under Unlawful activities Prevention Act(UAPA). She is yet to be heard by Court whether she is guilty or not. Also, alleged that her associates had role in murder of  Sunil Joshi,her own colleague, who made"licentious advances" towards her. However, Dewas Court acquitted her in February 2017 as evidences were not established. As on today, she is accused person for terror activities in Malegaon blast case.

          BJP is arguing all these days that they were falsely implicated in these cases. However High Court and NIA Court are yet to accept this argument and refused to discharge her. When there is benefit of doubt, that too on terror activities is it proper for a responsible party ,that too in ruling to ignore it and place her as their party candidate in elections. It weakens their fight against terrorism with this action. Selective secularism damaged the very concept of secularism in India. Similarly, 'Selective Nationalism and fight against terror' will dilute the very concept of nationalism and anti-terrorism. Politicians are using the secularism and nationalism at their own convenience damaging the very concepts. It is most unfortunate to comment like this but no other go.

          One more aspect which is very much condemned by BJP is using the word " Hindu terrorism" by Congress leaders during UPA regime. And their argument is that no Hindu will ever become terrorist. This argument is not at all convincing. When somebody talked about Islamic terrorism, it does not mean that all Islamic people are terrorists. Similarly, if some extremist elements pursue the line of terrorism, it does not mean that all Hindus are terrorists. Why should such conclusions are derived when nobody said that. Remember, if Sadhvi is not guilty, some other person must have been involved. Otherwise, how these bomb blasts did occur? Is it not the duty of Government to find out the truth and punish the guilty? The rationalists Narendra Dabolkar, Govind Pansare and MM Kalburgi and journalist Gowri Lankesh were murdered long back but no justice is done till today. May be blame game starts between Centre and States. What is the ultimate result? They were murdered for their hardcore views against Hindutva. One need not agree with their views but they should be booked under law of the land if they act against the law. Murdering a person for holding views not palatable to somebody is heinous crime. Islamic fundamentalists are murdering the people in the name of 'blasphemy'. What is the difference between it and murdering rationalists for possessing anti-Hindu views. We are living in a civilised society where every person is having fundamental right to have their own ideas and express the same. Even in ancient times, Hindu society accepted this. Charvaka's and other materialists views found a space in our scriptures. So, terrorism and violence is no place in our society. Whoever practices these crimes should be punished irrespective of their religion, caste and creed.

          Lastly, BJP must understand one aspect clearly. Crores of people who voted and are voting now to its candidates are not interested in this type of opportunistic politics. Most of the people supported and supporting Modi for VIKAS, good governance, better infrastructure, upliftment of living standards, nation as one instead of identity politics etc but not to extend support to terror accused persons. Mind it ,people will revolt if not today , tomorrow if it pursued selective nationalism and anti-terrorism.