Be careful, ISIS entered our sub-continent
        The cruelty and terror displayed in Sri Lanka is shocking to entire world. and it is the biggest terror strike occurred after 9/11. Another most worrying aspect is that this terror strike was claimed by ISIS. That means, it started its operations in Indian sub-continent. Though ISIS was eliminated physically from land in Syria and Iraq, its presence in the world without own lands is very much there. Even now, people getting attracted over the net, face book and other social media. Till now, we heard of its activities in Afghanistan in our sub-continent but now it entered in to our borders which is alarming and we should be alert more seriously.

         Today, Army briefed that 40 terrorists were gunned down after Pulwama incident and 25 of them belonging to JeM. They also announced that new recruitment has come down among youth. Restrictions were relaxed to certain extent. These are happy developments. On the other side, entrance of ISIS is worrisome factor and we must watch keenly the security angle.Let us review the position instantly.

          One happy news is that around us Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesia , the predominant Muslim nations are adopting stringent counter-terrorism measures. Only irritation is Pakistan. Even today, it is sheltering terrorist organisations. As there is no credible evidence of taking counter-terror measures, FATF put Pakistan under category of 'grey list' , one step below 'black list' category. Now, it is high time, all remaining SAARC countries along with ASEAN countries must come out with strategic plan for effective counter measures by isolating Pakistan.

          Similarly, we must take concrete steps in curtailing spread of Wahhabi Islamic culture. Of late in the last two to three decades, lot of Saudi funds are coming to India. Indian Islamic culture is dominated by Sufism. Now, gradually, it is replaced by Wahhabi school of thought. Several mosques which were basically follow Sufi culture are being replaced by Wahhabi culture through massive funds from Saudi and other Gulf countries. This should be closely watched and suitable steps should be taken immediately. Last year Government restricted remittances from abroad where details of its end use are not furnished. It is not enough. Government must take the Balveri school of Islamic scholars in to confidence and iron out the Madrassas which are receiving Saudi funds. This is the top most priority to safeguard the interest of the country. Otherwise, more Zakir Naiks will brain wash the youth in wrong direction.

          Whether one agree or not , nationalism and national security are once again top most priority items in our policy actions. National security can not be ' also' item anymore. Every party must come out their ideas in their election campaigns and nation must adopt a national debate at all levels including curriculum for students in the colleges. It should be made as mass movement, otherwise our nation will be vulnerable to the terror acts. Government, political parties, civil societies and people at large must move together to protect our great nation from terrorism.