Is violence in West Bengal signal for Mamata to exit?
        Violence in West Bengal is not new. Right from Sidhardha Shankar Ray , violence is the DNA of ruling party. It started from Congress, then  practiced by CPM  and finally mastered by Trinamool. No other State in the country followed this culture for such a long time. Once upon a time, Bihar was famous for lawlessness. Mafia dons ruled the State. Whatever they say, it was law. People used to go to them for instant justice. Nitish Kumar brought State respect and recognition. Now, people approach respective Department/institutes for justice instead of going for Mafia dons. Nitish Kumar despite changing coalitions is still respected because of this contribution. Bengal's story is different.

       West Bengal ruling party whichever in power made bureaucracy subservient to them. Bureaucracy never functioned independently since Sidhardha Shankar Ray times. It has become habitual to it because it took shelter and got protected for its corrupt misdeeds. It would have been stopped if the succeeding winning party initiated probe against such bureaucrats who collided with the then ruling party violating rules and norms. But whether it was CPM or Trinamool being the succeeding winners compromised and allowed them to function with out accountability for its past mistakes. The reason is simple, they reaped benefit of this system.  Ultimately, the administration lost its independent identity and played to the diktats of ruling party. 

      Keeping this aside, let us analyse why there is more violence now? This also finds answer in its history.  Whenever ruling party is seriously challenged by next party waiting-in-power, violence occurred. Congress under Sidhardha Shankar Ray regime unleashed violence against CPM cadre, again after long tenure Trinamool challenged CPM  rule and the same story got repeated. Then Trinamool came into power..The same anti-social elements started leaving CPM and rallied behind Trinamool to protect their skin and to continue their robbery. Mamata wholeheartedly welcomed them to weaken CPM base. Under Trinamool regime, their anti-social activities reached its peak. They formed carom board clubs in each street in the City and extorting money from people. Every activity like construction of house, even repairs and renovation of house or any other activity like citizen services will get with price only. If it is any contract work, it is a celebration to politicians and gets share at all levels. People felt frustrated with this section of people but there was no serious challenge all these days. Goons threatened the people for dire consequences if they change the loyalties. But as it happens earlier, people's anger and outburst reached climax. Now, they got confidence on BJP that it is capable of withstanding against Trinamool. That is the story now. Whether it is in north Bengal or western parts, they are now rallying under BJP to resist Mamata. But it is not uniform all over Bengal. Kolkata and other southern parts are still under the thumb of Mamata only. However, the present violence is symptom of serious challenge to ruling party. If the past track record is any indication, time has come to Mamata to pack up if not now but after two years during Assembly elections. Let us keenly watch the election results on May 23rd to have more clarity about the fate of Mamata.