Declaration of Masood Azar as global terrorist sealed the fate of Lok Sabha elections

           It is a big news to India. UN declared Masood Azar as global terrorist. It is an occasion to celebrate by entire country. The mastermind of Pulwama attack has been fixed. Entire world slapped on the face of Pakistan. China understood that unconditional support to Pakistan is not in its own interest. Let us see how the domestic reaction in Pakistan. Why because yesterday Imran Khan met Chinese President Xi at Beijing. Xi definitely must have been briefed in advance the compulsions for taking this decision. It means Imran Khan was taken into confidence in advance. Now, there will be domestic pressure and criticism on Imran Khan how he was surrendred before China. So, this decision will have chain reactions internally in Pakistan.

         Coming to the repercussions in India, it has been used by opposition parties against Modi as if he is weak before China. Congress Party President Rahul Gandhi  openly accused Modi as if he bowed his head before Xi. Owaissy also cricised Modi for his surrender before China. Now, what these leaders will say? Whether Modi became suddenly strong? Or they may buy the argument that credit goes to MEA ( Ministry of External Affairs) but not Modi! Whatever opposition say, it is a big fillip to Modi in the coming elections mainly centred in Hindi heartland. This is the area which voted en masse in the last elections and it is the area which reacts strongly and deeply on national matters. Particularly, it revives the terrorism topic, Pulwama and Balakot incidents in this sensitive heartland of India which paves the way to repeat 2014 verdict in favour of Modi.

      The narrative of 2019 elections were totally changed after Pulwama and Balakot incidents. Now, in the middle of elections, the declaration of Masood Azar as global terrorist ignited the narrative once again in favour of Modi. Now, outcome is certain. Only how much majority is the issue. Alas, what will happen to all these Mahagatbandhan leaders who are aspiring future Prime Ministers? May be they will live with hope for 2024! Let them live with that hope. But 2019 belongs to Modi and we can now discuss how future plans will be for the coming five years.