The failure of AAP - Whom to blame?
             AAP/ Aravind kejriwal was the hope of aspirational people once upon time. But hopes on him faded so quickly that it is sorrowful affair to the people who wanted an alternative platform in Indian politics. Generally, it has become fashion to comment that politics is of fully money power and filled up with anti-social elements. Aravind Kejriwal, product of Anna Hazare movement wanted to change this concept and entered politics. The reaction from people is tremendous. Even many people from abroad came and canvassed months together expecting alternative politics. To our and everybody's shock, within few months after taking over reigns of Delhi, he proved to be another politician of opportunistic politics. The person who was allergic to share the dais with known 'corrupt' politicians initially ,now  anxious to mingle with all of them without any hesitation. This is the tragedy of politics.

          People are blamed as if they are prone to luring and vulnerable to populist politics. It is not true. Whenever situation warrants, they raise to the occasion. Whether it was post emergency election in 1977, 2014 Lok Sabha election against corruption, 2015 Delhi election in support of alternative politics, people roused to the occasion. So, don't blame the people, blame the politicians. People are always in the forefront of championing democracy. Despite all these flip plops from politicians, they are steadily increasing percentage of voting in elections. In 2014 Lok Sabha elections, the percentage of votes polled reached 67%. Even in the present elections, its share will not come down. But the way politicians are disappointing them is shocking. The developments in Telangana in recently held Assembly elections is disgusting. Immediately after elections, 10 out of 19 MLAs elected under the banner of Congress were  switched over to TRS. Then, how anyone blame people? Thanks to people despite all these setbacks, they are carrying democracy on their shoulders.

  Coming to Aravind Kejriwal, his rhetoric theatrics are no more believed by the people. The very Congress against which his movement started has become his new ally. He tried desperately to align with Congress in the coming Delhi Lok Sabha elections but failed ultimately. Where from he stated and where he is landing. Now, political observers are counting that there will not be any surprise if AAP comes down  to third position in Delhi. Such was the disappointment among people. None expected the downfall of AAP in such a short time and fast. In India, major problem is that preaching and practices  never match. That is the crux of the problem in the land of Gandhi . This degeneration is the root cause of all problems faced by our country. Aravind Kejriwal  is the case study in this degenerated politics. What a pity? Can we expect any better alternative in near future.