Amit Shah's maiden speech in Lok Sabha on Kashmir laudable
      Amit Shah's maiden speech in Lok Sabha was quite impressive and effective. He spoke emotionally on Kashmir issue and rebutted opposition leaders comments point by point effectively and also with evidence. He openly accused Nehru for mishandling the Kashmir issue and responsible for ceding one third of land to Pakistan. He asked Congress categorically " Who ordered our Air force not to go ahead from occupying the land seized illegally by tribal militants backed by Pakistan army ".  No answer from opposition benches. He also rebutted the opposition charges on throttling democracy in Kashmir by pointing out that Congress invoked Article 356 by 93 times which clearly made the past record of Congress responsible for throttling democracy.  Regarding mention of Article 370 by opposition, he made it clear that the very nature of Article itself is temporary. He further reiterated that there will be zero tolerance with regard to terrorists and financial sources for them.

    The way he spoke, the manner he rebutted the opposition charges, the confidence he exhibited,  the assertiveness, determination he displayed deserves applause and appreciation. Also, it reflects future developments in Kashmir. He very categorically tracked the history how few families plundered the public money and how they controlled the political affairs neglecting Jammu and Ladakh regions as well as common public of the State. The observations made in the maiden speech clearly indicates that there may be radical changes in structure of constituencies, reservation system and also there may be deep probe into corruption by the vested interests. Coming six months are crucial in handling Kashmir issue.