Government will target social relevant issues till 2025: PM Modi
Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday asked Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MPs to focus on animal welfare and humanitarian issues as he laid down the roadmap for the government till 2025.

Speaking at the parliamentary party meeting, Modi asked MPs to pay attention to their constituencies and come up with an innovative idea, stressing that the first impression is the last impression. “MPs need to work as a team with officers. Focus on animal welfare as this is the season when animals are prone to falling ill,” he said.

The Prime Minister asked MPs to attend Parliament regularly and take their roster duties seriously. Setting the targets of the government till 2025, Modi said, “Till 2025, government will target socially relevant issues. Humanitarian issues such as TB, leprosy or disability need to be paid attention to. All MPs need to work on this on a mission mode.”