Superstitious belief on Solar Eclipse
Though India has reached the far-sight of the moon with Chandrayaan 2 still a few sections of people in the society still believe in superstitions. On Thursday, a shocking incident took place in Karnataka where children were partially buried in sand due to superstitious belief in Kalaburagi.

The fallacy of people at Taj Sultanpur in Kalaburagi led them to commit some unethical acts.

Ahead of the annular Solar eclipse today, the couple had the old wives' tale that if they half bury their children who were physically disabled, they will be cured and the sin on their family would be over.

On Thursday, a video clip showed that a family partially buried two children for hours in the dirt, the children were seen scared and weeping and one of the ladies among the two ladies sitting beside them was wiping one of the infants who were half-buried.

The lady the parents waited till the eclipse was over.

According to science, the physical cure has no association with eclipse, yet we witness such irrational incidences like this happening over and over again in our country.

Does, lack of education in remote places leads to such fallacy?