Jagan breaks silence on abolition of Legislative Council
YS Jagan Mohan Reddy CM of AP is all set to avenge on Opposition leader N Chandrababu Naidu. Naidu has used all his strength and halted Govt's bills in the Council. CM Jagan has considered this as a serious issue and burst in today's Assembly session.

He raged on the Council Chairman, and opposition MLCs in the Assembly. He questioned the necessity of maintaining the Council in the State. Council is appointed to give suggestions to the Government, but not to interrupt the laws made by the Assembly.

Legislative Council has to maintain its values and support the government, but it failed to keep the standards.

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Out of 29 states, only 8 of the states contain these Legislative Councils. It is purely the wish of the state government to revoke or to appoint these Councils. If the Councils go against the ideas of the Assembly, and acts unfairly, then why it should be tolerated, questioned Jagan.

Jagan has requested the Speaker to conduct the Assembly on Monday to debate on this issue.

Jagan is fuming for what happened in yesterday's Council. He plans towards the abolition of this Council. A special session is arranged on Monday only to decide on the AP Council's existence in the state.