2 YSRC Ministers will be out of the Cabinet!
After the dramatic situations in the AP Legislative Council, CM Jagan has decided to revoke the Legislative Council. As per Jagan's instructions, Speaker Tammineni Sitaram has adjourned the Assembly to Monday. A discussion is to be held in the Assembly on the necessity of the Council in the State.

If the Assembly finds the Council as a burden to the state, it passes a resolution to abolish the Council. If it happens, all the MLCs will lose their jobs. No position like MLC will be offered in AP after the abolition. Along with all the members, the YSRC members will also lose their positions.

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Jagan cabinet has two Non-MLA Ministers, who got into the cabinet holding the MLC positions. Deputy CM Pilli Subhash Chandra Bose and Mopidevi Venkata Ramana are holding the Ministries in the cabinet. If the Council is abolished, then their MLCs posts will be gone and their Ministries will be taken back.

Usually, these MLC posts are given to satisfy the unsatisfied leaders. If the council is abolished, then only elected representatives will be sent to the Assembly, and they can only hold the Ministries.