Modi-Jagan relation to decide AP future
AP CM Jagan Mohan Reddy is making his mark in the politics by implementing new schemes in the State. He has given a top priority in implementing his election manifesto. Nava Ratnalu is the scheme of the YSRCP to change the fate of the state.

Along with them, Jagan has burst a sensation with the idea of decentralisation. He proposed the decentralisation of administration and made a bill according to it. Though he passed the bill in Assembly, he failed to pass it through the upper house, the Legislative Council.

The Council referred the bill to the select committee, the process will take months of time. As a counter to that, Jagan decided to repeal the Council from the existence. He passed the bill in the assembly to abolish the Council.

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Now the ball is in the BJP court. It is to decide the future of this issue. The Cabinet has to approve the bill, and it has to put in front of the parliament, and lastly, the President of India should sign for the abolition. It is such a long process to be accomplished.

It is not 100% sure that the Central Government has to approve for the abolition of the Council. It is their wish to approve or disapprove.

CG can't interfere in the AP Capital issue. It is entirely state's internal matter. But it can put influence on Jagan. It can't do anything officially, but can unofficially pressure Jagan, if it won't like the idea of decentralisation.

Ultimately, the Central has to provide the funds for the development of AP. Without a positive response from the CG, whatever Jagan tries to do will not be much successful.

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Now it is mandatory for Jagan to maintain a good relationship with the Modi government. So far, a positive response is received from Modi towards Jagan.

They have released funds in time, when Jagan personally met Modi. Tough Modi supports Jagan in some issues we can't assume the same support in this issue. The relation between Modi and Jagan will decide the fate of the AP.