Pawan postpones long march for movie shooting?
Jana Sena Cheif Pawan Kalyan has decided to conduct a long march along with BJP on 2nd of February. Suddenly both the parties have announced that the long march has been postponed. Since this is the first activity of Jana Sena and BJP after the alliance, both the party activists have prepared grandly for the rally. But suddenly the party's have thought of postponing the rally.

An interesting fact is revealed after many days for the reason behind postponing the long march. Tough both the party's decided and announced combinely, later an objection is raised form Pawan in executing the plan.

Pawan has started his movie shooting recently. Since Pawan has to manage both Politics and movies, he gave very limited time to the director to complete his part of the schedule. As a part of it, the movie unit scheduled some scenes on the 2nd of February. Pawan aims to complete the movie shooting as soon as possible to spend most of the time in Politics. So he halted the long march for a while and focused on his movie.

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Movie shooting paused the long march. This rumor is spread widely all over the internet. Only BJP and Jana Sena knows the actual facts behind this issue.